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> Virtual Jackpot Poker Jackpot

1. The machines are controlled by someone in the back room.
Each machine is an independently operating device.
2. When a mechanic opens a machine, it will stop paying.
There are no switches, knobs, or screws inside a machine that will change how the machine is paying. Even if a casino person opens the machine he does it to clear or to refill the hopper of the machine.
3. "I have played this machine for hours-it is due to hit."
One can�t know when the machine will decide to pay out. The previous game has nothing to do with the following one. It can happen that a 5-minute game will bring you the jackpot and several hours spent at the machine will result only in losses.
4. If you have a club card you will win more often.
Club cards have nothing to do with the payout of the machine. They will not cause the machine to pay more or less often.
5. A constant player has more chances of winning that a beginner or a tourist.
All players have equal chances of winning. The machine has no way of knowing if you are a tourist or a professional or if you are tall or short. The only edge a better player may have is his ability to choose the best cards to hold.


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