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> Virtual Chinese Poker Bets

Only a combination of Jacks or better cards pays out. This is the best video poker game for beginners and seasoned players alike. To choose a good paying game check the full house and flush payouts for a single coin bet. 9/6 machines give the best payout. You get paid 9:1 for a Full House and 6:1 for a Flush. In choosing a video poker machine Royal Flush payout also matters. Ideally look for a non-progressive game that pays out a minimum of 4,000 coins for a royal flush when you are betting 5 coins. It is wise to play with maximum number of coins being bet. You should always be playing to win the top prize.
Jacks or Better Video Poker Tips:
I think you have come across some video poker machines in stores in airports. Never play them as they have a very low payout � 7/5. The house edge is too high here. It is better to make 5 coins bets. Never keep a "kicker"-an extra high card along with a pair.


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