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Deuces Wild is played with a standard deck of cards. In Deuces Wild there are four deuces (2s) which are wild cards Due to this fact the lowest winning combination is 3 of a kind. You will not get paid in the case of a pair or two pair hand. With the help of wild cards you will hit Full Houses and Flushes more often. In this video poker variation Five of a Kind is possible. In the case of Four of a Kind, which are deuces you get paid more that for Five of a kind.
Deuces Wild Video Poker Tips
The only single card you hold is a deuce. Don't hold a single ace or any "high" card-it does nothing for you. Never throw away a deuce! In the case of a shot at a natural royal you can do it. Again, don't think that holding a high card with a deuce adds any value; it only hurts. Two Pair is not worth holding either. You must discard one pair (it doesn't matter which) and draw three. As a rule, you don't want to play a machine that has less than a five-for-one payout on four of a kind.


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